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scenes from our lives pt. 2

31 Jan



Because you were wondering, the cute lady with the stylish dog is a fellow blogger!  Find her here!  Maybe that cute little Lentil (the pup) will show up too sometime!


Scenes from our lives pt. 1

31 Jan


Sam’s Secret Santa present!

31 Jan






Before Christmas at the cafe I work for, we had our holiday party and exchanged secret santa gifts.  I drew my homegirl Sam, who is a known Jameson lover and has a good sense of humor.  While giving nearly everyone around me ideas for their own secret santa gifts, I thought of the perfect present: a nativity scene made with bratz dolls.  Obviously I wasn’t going to buy Bratz dolls and went for the hipper, craftier version made with mini Jameson bottles.  


Note:  I did make cut out sheep but didn’t end up having enough room to put them anywhere.  Also, I know there are a couple characters missing- but to be honest I don’t really care.  I’m not religious and had to google everything before I did it anyways.  sichh.ImageImageImageImage

Corn hole

9 Jan

For Christmas, John and I made my parents a game of cornhole. If you haven’t played you are really missing out. Also, when I say “John and I” what I really mean is.. Johns dad Mike. Yes he made these awesome games! We just painted them and made the bean bags..




Sunny and Sadie

4 Jan

These are iPhone photos so they’re not really great. My apologies.